Nigeria Content and Community Assistance

It is WABOS BUSINESS ASSOCIATE LIMITED intension to use resources from Nigeria (materials and personnel), if available and an acceptable level of quality can be guaranteed. Sourcing, Acquisition and expending will be executed from Port Harcourt/ Warri.

Nigerian engineer will be part of the teams in order to gain experience and to express the typical Nigerian situation of the operation in Niger Delta inland waters.

With the view to stimulating the economy of the (host) community and enriching the indigene a reasonable percentage of the labour force will be recruited from the work area. The local labour will form part of an integral part of the workforce and will be accorded all rights and privileges due any other employee during the period of engagement.

It is recognized that construction works of reasonable magnitude affect the immediate environment as well as the activities of the surrounding communities. Such impacts will include a tremendous increase in the volume of water traffic especially boats and heavy duty and load carrying barges for haulage of materials, equipment and personnel to site. Other ways of impacting on the environment is due to site construction/camp activities and noise from construction equipment.

In order to reduce cases of communities' disturbances, it has become expedient to put in place a clearly defined programme of action to address all community-related issues. The objectives of this programme are as follows:

To endure a work programme devoid of interruption/disturbances arising from community or related issues.

To put in place a clearly defined method of resolving such issues as they arise.

To ensure that community derives maximum benefit from the work programme in   accordance with the overall WABOS BUSINESS ASSOCIATE LIMITED community   related objectives.


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